Youth Law Rap Musical

Original creation made for a government agency that provides Free Legal Help for Children & Young People throughout Aotearoa.

Youth Law contracted Film For Change to create a rap video explaining their right to young people when dealing with the police.
Vichnu Production came up with a Rap Musical, composing an original song with the French beatmaker Esaïe Saighi.


Ari, a 18 years boy, is running late to go to a game where he is supposed to be on date with Vicky.

Ari and his female friend Jess encounter a policeman on their way to the game, who happens to be Vicky’s father. When Vicky’s father discovers where Ari is going, he tries to hold them up from reaching the game.

On this fun journey the audience will discover their rights and the best way to behave when stopped by a police officer.


The story is a hip-hop musical in 3 acts. Each act deals with a specific situation interacting with a police officer. Each act starts with some dialogue and then in the middle, beats turns on and the characters start to rap.



BONUS – Behind the scenes!

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