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Plastic Splatstick

A 48h film

Your mission Vichnu, should you choose to accept it, is to write, shoot and edit a movie in 48 hours with the following contraints :

LENGTH:  between 1 minute and 5 minutes

GENRE: A Splatstick movie

A combination of Slapstick and Splatter, Splatstick is all about blood, guts and brain matter- and having fun with it along the way. Splatstick classics are often quite tongue-in-cheek, fully embracing their garish nature like EVIL DEAD II or BRAIN DEAD, while others take themselves a little more seriously like FINAL DESTINATION. It’s kinetic physical comedy that leads to gore- like a domino effect which results in someone getting their head lopped off or intestines pulled out. It does not need to be horror at all. (SHAUN OF THE DEAD, MONTY PYTHON, HOT FUZZ, FINAL DESTINATION, EVIL DEAD II)

ACTION: A door slamming (0:51 and 3:09)

We either need to see it happen, hear it happen, or with the amazing technological advances in audio/visual technology, both!

TECHNICAL: A Silhouette/ Shadow (4:29)

A silhouette is created by an object or character moving in front of a light source so that any discernible features are mostly obscured, and a shadow is caused by light shining on an object or character, which then casts onto a surface behind them. Yes, I just explained to you what shadow means.

THING: A Puddle (2:20 and 4:11)

Your film must feature a puddle of water- or some other liquid- in whatever depiction you choose. Try to be creative because we’ll all be seeing a lot of puddles this year- so the ones that stand out will really pop. Or splash.


  • In the 25 Wellington short list out of 150+ films
  • Nominee for the best use of genre (Splatstick movie)
  • Nominee for the best actress (El Yule / Prime Minister)


TEAM: Film For Change Aoteaora

A Vichnu Production

Many thanks to Biz Dojo Wellington

Behind the scenes

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