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A short film for Bikes Welcome to encourage businesses to recognise that ‘bikes mean business’, that they can benefit from supporting everyday bike use in their community, and that one way of doing that is to become a ‘Bikes Welcome Business’.

Bikes Welcome is a charitable trust aimed at growing everyday bike use by helping business recognise, value and support their bike using customers.

Key aim

Convince businesses of the business benefits of bike-use so they want to support and encourage bike use, including:

  • Bike parking around their business
  • Cycle lanes in their areas
  • Using bikes in their business
  • Encouraging and supporting their employees and customers who cycle.

The underlying message for this film is that bike use is good for communities, health and environment.


Festival selection

  • 3rd New Zealand Bicycle Film Festival (2018) – Wellington, New-Zealand
  • 13th International Cycling Film Festival (2018)  – Groningen, Nederland / Herne, Germany / Wiesbaden, Germany / Katowice, Poland
  • 2019 Bike Shorts Film Festival in Roanoke, Blacksburg,  and Lynchburg, VA / USA

Behind the scenes

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